Tuesday, June 12, 2007

System Attendant Mailbox Missing: Users getting NDRs, Cant Move Mailboxes...

In this scenario, the users are getting NDRs that System Attendant cannot be reached... and when we try to move the mailbox to and from the server, the error says:
"The attempt to log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer has failed. The MAPI provider failed. Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store ID no: 8004011d-0512-00000000"

The application log has the following error messages:

Event ID : 9175
Raw Event ID : 9175
Record Nr. : 1167709
Category : MAPI Session
Source : MSExchangeAdmin
Type : Error
Message : The MAPI call 'OpenMsgStore' failed with the following error:
The attempt to log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer has failed.
The MAPI provider failed.
Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
ID no: 8004011d-0512-00000000

These symptoms indicate that the ‘mailbox store’ that holds the System Attendant mailbox is down or that the SA mailbox is disconnected, but actually all the mailbox stores are up and running on the server.
There is only one mailbox store in an Exchange server that holds SA mailbox... but you cannot find this mailbox on any of the stores.
And when you verify the attributes of System Attendant using ADSIEdit under Microsoft System Attendant, it is found that homeMDB was ‘Not Set’

Recommended Plan:

  • Using ADSIEdit, browse to the location – Configuration – Microsoft Exchange - - Administrative Groups - - Servers – – Information Store -, on the right side you’ll see a list of mailbox stores, click on any one of them and copy the value of ‘Distinguished Name’ attribute
  • Using ADSIEdit, browse to the location – Configuration – Microsoft Exchange - - Administrative Groups - - Servers – – Microsoft System Attendant, right click here and find the attribute ‘homeMDB’, paste the value that you copied earlier (From ‘Distinsguished Name’) here
  • Restart ‘Microsoft Exchange System Attendant’ service
  • After the exchange services come up, browse to the store whose DN value you copied earlier and find the System Attendant mailbox under ‘Mailboxes’ list, if you don’t find it run a ‘Cleanup Agent’
If you don’t see the SA mailbox in the ‘Mailboxes’ list on the store even after performing ‘Run Cleanup Agent’. Using ADSIEdit, once you get to the properties of the ‘Microsoft System Attendant’ you can note the value of the the attribute ‘mail’. This is essentially the primary SMTP address of the SA mailbox. You can send an email to this address, that should initialize the mailbox and you should see it under ‘Mailboxes’ tab in ESM.


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