Sunday, August 5, 2007

Public Folders and Exchange 2007

Public folders are slowly being pushed out of Exchange into SharePoint 2007 and thus is no longer available in OWA from Exchange 2007.

Exchange 2007 client access server has some limitations in public folder support: no IMAP, NNTP, nor OWA access to Public Folders.

Only Public Folders that are stored on an Exchange 2003/2000 server can be accessed via a browser. There is a speculation that PF access via OWA 2007 will be made available when Exchange 2007 SP1 rolls out.
Also with the release of Exchange 2007 SP1, there will be the Public Folder Management Console for Public folders management. As of now public folder management can only be done through the command shell.

Exchange 2007 is surely de-emphasizing public folders. Public folders may not be included in future releases, but support for public folders will be maintained through at least 2016.

Here is what MS Exchange Team say about Exchange 2007 and Public Folders.


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