Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mailbox Move: Disconnected Mailbox remains on source Mailbox Store

I faced this issue while moving the mailbox from one mailbox store to a mailbox store on another server.
The mailbox is moved successfully and the user can access it fine on the server it was moved to.

However, the mailbox remains on the source mailbox store in a disconneced state and has small size. The number of items are shown as 0. The mailbox is disconnected and it does not allow you to purge or reconnect it to another user giving the message "This mailbox is already connected to a user."

To be able to purge the mailbox from the Target Store, try to move the mailbox back to that (original) Store. Move Mailbox will fail and gives you the message:

"A duplicate mailbox was found due to problems during a Move Mailbox procedure. The duplicate mailbox has been deleted. Try again later."

Hence when you run the cleanup agent on the original source mailbox store... that duplicate mailbox will be purged.


Andy Grogan said...

Vinay, nice article - drp me a line when you get this.



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