Monday, July 14, 2008

Useful Exchange Management Shell Cmdlets

Convert a legacy Exchange 2003 "resource" into a room mailbox in Exchange 2007

Move the mailbox to an Exchange 2007 server
Run: set-mailbox [MailboxName] –type Room
Then run: set-mailboxcalendarsettings [MailboxName] –AutomateProcessing AutoAccept

Configure the conference room resource mailboxes to remove attached files from meeting requests

Get-Mailbox - RecipientTypeDetails RoomMailbox Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -DeleteAttachments:$true

Get a list of Exchange ActiveSync users

$mbx = get-casmailbox where {$_.hasactivesyncdevicepartnership -eq $true -and $_.identity -notlike "*CAS_{*"} ; $mbx foreach {$name = $; $device = get-activesync devicestatistics -mailbox $_.identity; $device foreach {write-host $, $_.devicemodel, $_.devicephonenumber, $_.deviceid, $_.FirstSyncTime, $_.LastSuccessSync} }

Get details of single EAS mailbox

Get-ActivesyncDeviceStatistics -mailbox

An inappropriate message that has the subject line of exchange is sent to all users on the Exchange server 2007 mailbox server named Exch1. You need to delete this message from all the mailboxes.

Create a new mailbox named TempMailbox that has a folder named Export. Run the Get-Mailbox -Server Exch1 Export-Mailbox -TargetMailbox TempMailbox -TargetFolder Export -SubjectKeywords "Exchange" -DeleteContent cmdlet.

Get list of all user mailboxes with a list of email addresses attached to each user.

get-mailbox select-object name, alias, primarySmtpAddress Export-Csv C:\mailboxes.csv -NoTypeInformation


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